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*Yoga with Jenny Friday 4pm!
*If you haven’t signed up yet, there is a group of us participating in the Miles for Moffitt charity 5k. Please join us!!


(No Measure)

200m Run

5 mins of the following:

10 Ring Rows

10 Mountain Climbers/Grasshoppers

10m Frankenstein Kicks

10m Spiderman Crawl

Squat & Shoulder Prep


Bench Press (5@75%, 3@85%, 1+@95%)


GI Joe (Time)

50 Burpee Pull Ups for time

Cash Out

(No Measure)

Accumulate 30 second ring hold (maintain hollow)

40 sit ups as fast as possible


Rest about 2 minutes in between rounds


(No Measure)

Strap Stretch

Bridges x3

Foam roll as needed

Overhead SHoulder Distractions

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